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Chindit Centrepiece

“Being one of the British Army’s newest formations sourcing it’s ethos and heritage from our veterans of the Second World War namely The Chindits it was only right to have commissioned a suitable Silver Centre Piece to honour those individuals that would be remembered in pride of place within  Hermitage Station Warrant Officers’ & Senior Non Commissioned Officers Mess for the years to come. On consultation with Mr Rick Jennings regarding the short notice requirement of this Silver Piece, as the inauguration dinner night has been agreed upon, Silver Lady was only to willing to commit to the confined timeline regarding the manufacture. With the severe time constraints that I placed on Silver Lady no problem seemed too great to overcome in order for this Statuette to be completed within the scheduled placed on them.


At all times through this process I engaged on numerous occasions only to be “comforted” and given genuine up to date information regarding the stages that they were at. No fuss, no problem just utter professionalism during the whole process. As you would expect from a company the timelines were meet with anticipation of the end product…..just superb, the intricate detail of the Silver moulding along with the highly crafted plinths designed to show the Silver Piece off to it’s best effect was stunning.

Silver Lady delivered in every way the requirements that you would expect from a Silver Statuette that the our veterans commitments so many year ago…The Chindits that attended the Inauguration Dinner Night were so highly impressed by the workmanship of such a first class piece of art…..Thank you Silver Lady.”